Worries about working with my significant other

We are about to embark on a joint venture! It is very exciting but it is also making me slightly nervous as it’s uncharted territory. Remarkably, we have never worked together professionally eventhough we met the good old clichéd way – at work!

My main concern is not being able to switch off from work. It’s a side project we’ll be doing in our spare time. He has a full time job so this will actually help him switch off from that – like a hobby. However I’m currently on maternity leave so it’ll take up the “work” space in my head and be all I think about, well after the kids! Speaking of, here’s the toddler helping mummy with some designing 😊

Then there are the little disagreements which have the tendencies to escalate especially coupled with sleep deprivation. Although I’ve found that after having our first, we just didn’t have the energy or time to argue about the new seemingly unimportant things – like clothes being left next to the laundry basket, plates just over the dishwasher etc.

I am also worried it’ll eat into our time together. After work, he’s in charge of the toddler until bed time while baby cluster feeds. Before you know it the evening is over and it’s time for bed!

My last big niggle is failure. This is more of personal one as he’s always up for new ventures. However, fear of the unknown, time that’ll be potentially wasted and the emotional scar of being rubbish usually puts me off starting something new.

To hopefully alleviate some of my worries and just leave my own headspace I did what any self-respecting member of a thousand Facebook communities would do. I asked for some pearls of wisdom on working with your other half and maintaining your sanity getting the best out of each other. Here’s what they had to say :

Try not to take it all so seriously. Have a giggle and laugh at things, especially when they go wrong. I work on a lot of mini projects with my husband and we laugh our way through most of it! We also have to be able to give and take critism in a calm, respectful way.
Kelly // Kelly Allen Writer

My hubby and I work together at home all the time. We find that having the radio on means there’s no awkward silences, and we enjoy shared moaning about particular songs!
Gemma // Mummy’s Waisted

Try to have coupley time every day where you don’t talk about work so you can keep the work/ life balance
Jennie // Rice, Cake and Raisins

Try to find some separate, personal interests. Spending all day, every day together isn’t always healthy so it’s important to find some time alone too.
Pete // Household Money Saving

Have set times to work so that there is a distinction between working and relaxing together. Don’t forget to give each other positive feedback, just like you would with any other colleague
Jo // Cup of Toast

I’m being brave and going for it – stepping into the unknown! It does help that it’s with him though. Hopefully the next update on this will be a positive one!

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8 thoughts on “Worries about working with my significant other

  1. Don’t worry about failure – more crippling is never doing something in the first place because of fear of failure. You’ll rock it!

  2. I could never work with my husband, we are both so different, we would end up driving each other insane! Good luck in you joint venture! 🙂

    1. Hahaha I know what you mean. Thankfully it’s like a side hobby so hopefully it’ll reveal whether we can work together on bigger things without too much of a detrimental effect 😂

  3. I understand your fears. I spend my evenings blogging and Chris works on his and his Youtube channel so we actually spend very little time together. We always have at least 1 night a week where we watch a film together but both of us are on our laptops!. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  4. So exciting to be starting a big project with your hubs! I definitely get the worry, I’m not sure my personality would mesh well with hubs in a project involving not building something lol, but I think it is so important to share things like this with your spouse. I’m with you, in the postpartum chaos we are in survival mode and the house is often in some sort of disarray #priorities

  5. Working together with my husband on different projects have been a huge blessing and a huge challenge. Even after almost six years of marriage, two kids, job changes, home improvement projects, you would think we would have this communication and team work thing figured out. Yet, sometimes our selfish natures and pride rear their ugly heads and we find our team work less than “team-like.”

    Praying you and your hubby can have a positive time of working towards this new project!

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