Why I Started Using Cloth Nappies

Child going down a slide wearing a tartan little lamb cloth nappy

Before nappies came up in the “which essential baby items do we need” conversation, the husband and I had both independently assumed that we’d be using cloth nappies. After the initial research, it turns out things have moved on quite significantly from the nappies in the days of our parents. I also needed to be sure that it won’t be an unnecessary hassle to me, potential babysitters and nursery. So why did I take the plunge?

1. Save Money

Yes, there is the initial outlay which was daunting as I was about to venture into the unknown. With so many brands to choose from, I turned to the Nappy Lady for free personalised recommendations. I joined several selling Facebook groups where amazing bargains could be had as they had some. Ultimately, as I planned to use it for multiple children (God-willing), I saw it as an investment.

2. Prettiness

They come in all sorts of prints. Forget the towel squares and white waterproof covers. Name it, you can probably get it! From Harry Potter to Star Wars! So yes, the patterns won me over and his bum does look good in the summer!

3. Less Chemicals

Turns out a lot of chemicals go into disposables especially to make it so absorbent. Even the smell of an unused one is enough to make you question its components. Most cloth nappies tend to be made with natural materials like cotton, bamboo and hemp. I liked knowing what was going against my baby’s skin.

4. Better for the Environment

It’s a no-brainer than something that’s reusable is potentially better than its non-recyclable single-use counterpart. It could be argued that disposables use resources upfront in production while reusables use it during the repeated washes. Whatever your view, less in landfill has got to be a good thing.

5. Never Running Out

I am a worrier so having the option to wash and use when needed appealed to me! It’s like nappy on-tap haha

Photo collage of cloth nappies

The Journey So Far

18 months in and I’m pleased to say that I’m still going strong. We’ve even found more reasons to use cloth like fortnightly bin collections and elimination communication. My husband is still game and even more reliable at changing them than disposables! The Grandparents and Nursery use them too.

However, I still use one disposable at night. It’s a habit that stuck from the feeding-every-2-hours stage as I found them easier to change when sleep deprived asleep!

Still Intrigued?

As you can see above, it’s not all or nothing. Every cloth nappy you use potentially makes a big difference to the environment and hopefully your pocket. I started using them only at home when my baby was about 2 weeks old. As my confidence grew, I braved the great outdoors with them and even survived poonamis. Still interested? Find a cloth nappy library near you for some great advice on how to get started. Some councils offer cash/cashback incentives or free trials!

It turns out I have enough nappies to start a nappy library so I’m slowly reviewing them starting with the Grovia O.N.E.

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16 thoughts on “Why I Started Using Cloth Nappies

    1. To be fair it’s not really advertised as an option but hopefully with the apparent crackdown on single-use plastic use, more will be done to make people aware of it!

  1. When my 2 eldest sonns were babies, the disposable nappies available then were nothing like the ones we have today, they would leak, so I used cloth nappies, until I had my 3rd child several years later and used disposable as I did when I worked as a child minder ( can you imagine how much washing I would have had to do otherwise!) #coolmumclub@_karendennis

  2. We use a combination of cloth and disposables, although I much prefer using cloth! I don’t think my husband understands what he feels is unnecessary faff. If he goes to do a nappy change, he’ll never think to use cloth, even if there’s a nice fresh drawer full! #CoolMumClub

  3. I thought about cloth nappies…but thought too long until it was waaay too late lol! To be honest, I don’t really understand how they work and the unknown scares me! I’d love to read a post about how and why they work…
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

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