Top 3 Board Games for Two Players

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When we first ventured into the world of board games, most of our games were 4-players or more so we could play with friends. Now we have kids, staying in is becoming the norm so we began the search for great 2-player games to play as a couple.

Our top 3 are listed below though we will publish the longer list later. The ratings are as follows:
Complexity: Ease of understanding the rules and playing the game
Fun Factor: How enjoyable the game play is
Strategy Level: How involving and calculating the game is
Replay Value: How often the can be played in a short space of time before you got sick of it

Our Top 3 Two-Player Board Games

Star Realms

2 players, 20 minutes, 12+

Box of Star Realms Board Game

Star Realms is space-themed deck building game. The aim is to destroy your opponent. The game has a nice twist in the form of persistent cards between turns.

— Complexity: 2/5
— Fun Factor: 4/5
— Strategy Level: 2/5
— Replay Value: 5/5


2 players, 15 -30 minutes, 8+

Patchwork Board Game Box

In Patchwork, you buy patch pieces to make your patchwork quilt. The person with the most “currency” and complete quilt wins.

— Complexity: 1/5
— Fun Factor: 3.5/5
— Strategy Level: 3/5
— Replay Value: 3/5

Galaxy Truckers

2 – 4 players, 60 minutes, 10+

Galaxy Truckers Board Game Box

Galaxy Tuckers is a competitive tile-laying game. The aim is to build the best ship which can survive the dangers of intergalactic trucking. The winner is the one who has the most credits at the end.

— Complexity: 3/5
— Fun Factor: 4/5
— Strategy Level: 4.5/5
— Replay Value: 5/5

There you have it. Our current top 3 two-player games (or games that work well with 2 players). We’ve heard good things about 7 Wonders Duel so that’s now on our wishlist. What are your favourite 2-player games?

P.S Check out the comments in the below for a few more suggestions.

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