The Great Game Migration

The Great Game Migration - Married Meeples

The time has come for a clear out and migration of our tabletop gaming stuff.  It’s nicely stacked in the cupboard, but then there’s 2 stacks in the dinning room and RPG books under the bed.   Fortunately we’ve managed clear some stuff from a cupboard that still contained boxes from moving house 3 years ago. I found a lot of random stuff; enough cables to fill several man drawers, including TV serial cables – who uses those now? I’ve also decided to get rid a few of the games that never get played, Poleconomy (a game passed drown from my folks which looks like a more complicated version of monopoly with elections and tax rates), Chez Geek and few party games that failed to entertain at dinner parties.  Do you have any games lurking at the back of your shelves left un-played or only played the once?


I’ve decided to take all the useful bits for the games I’m dumping (they’re not in conditions that I could sell or give away), there’s a few good meeples/counters and a load of fake money.  What random bits have you kept from your games?

Old game leftovers

Update 2:

I’ve finished the clear-out and migration.

I think this space will last me a wee while, but what next for the collection?

New game cupboard

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