Reading the Bible: Taking a slightly different approach

Bible open at Ecclesiastes with earphones in the middle

Honestly, I want to read the Bible, learn it, study it and memorise it from cover to cover. It is hard to find time where I am not looking after children, doing chores or too exhausted to keep my eyes open. I never seem to get to end of any reading plan and reading a verse a day in “devotionals  for busy mums” won’t cut it really. Yes, some of the tasks that fill up my day are merely distractions but I also feel like my current method is not working! So what’s my new approach?

Different approach to reading the bible

Listening to the Bible

It’s not revolutionary idea by any means but it took me a while to come round to it. Mainly because when I tried it a long time ago, it was very distracting and I love reading a physical Bible. There is something about holding the book, seeing the words on paper and flicking through the pages that just makes it feel like I am doing something substantial. Fast forward to life as a parent and reading anything during the day induces sleep or attracts the attention of the little ones who insist on turning the thin non-child-friendly pages.

After having our second sprog, my mum came to stay and when regularly listened to the Bible and talks on her phone. I was very impressed as I help her with almost every function on her phone but she managed to do this without my help. Anyways, I gave it a try and I loved it.

When reading, I tend to read very quickly (or drift off) but listening focused my attention on the words. It was almost like someone was recounting a very interesting story and I had to hang on to every word. I was not distracted by footnotes, scribbles or superscripts in the Bible. I could pause and quickly bookmark a verse with one tap or add notes if I wanted. Also, I didn’t want to fall asleep almost instantly!

Over the next few days, I was genuinely excited to listen to the next bit.  Three things niggled me though

  1. The American accent
  2. The reading speed was a tad slowly
  3. Can’t start reading from a particular verse

Turns out those the first 2 things were fixable and I found a good enough workaround for the third.

What is the plan?

To read, well, listen, to the Bible in manageable chapters alongside a concise study guide. I am keen to not make it into an in-depth Bible study by consulting a thousand commentaries, as that could lead to distraction. I am hoping to journal as I go along, and maybe write about each chapter, but the later is time-dependent.

If you are reading this and would like to give it a go too (doesn’t have to be audio – just a method that works for you), then please get in touch and let’s get accountable. It can be a regular check-in or being part of a group of supportive, like-minded Christians!

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4 thoughts on “Reading the Bible: Taking a slightly different approach

  1. Love this! I have begun listening to the Bible and I love it!!!! I think I must be an auditory learner because it’s really working for me!
    Love this post! Really “out of the box” approach.

  2. I always enjoy listening to the Bible and have a few audio Bibles. It takes a while to find one that suits you best. My favourite is a dramatic audio Bible “The Word of Promise” which is acted out by different well-known actors, including Jim Caviezel reprising his role as Jesus. The narration is different for nearly each book, depending on who has written it. There are a few English voices too, not just American ones. Definitely worth checking out.

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