Hacks for putting away the laundry – the stage I dread most!

Laundry line drying on an ikea octopus

Laundry Situation (setting the scene)

Day 1 – Laundry nicely drying outside but it’s getting dark. Toddler has just been wrestled into bed by daddy. Baby finally gives in to sleep after a long fussy hour. Clothes are finally brought in but can’t be put away as the kids are asleep. Also it’s pudding time.

Day 2 – Repeat of Day 1. Yes I did start on the putting away process during the day but toddler needed something urgently every few seconds. I mean someone has to get the car he’s just purposefully rolled under the sofa again!

Day 3 – No laundry today. Some laundry piled on a free surface in their destined rooms but they haven’t made it to the wardrobe yet. Baby steps.

Day 4 – Another laundry day – except we only have 2 baskets so laundry mountain created on the spare bed so the new items can be brought it. I have also been known to bring laundry in using a sheet or duvet cover as you can see here:

Laundry hanging outside in duvet too

Day 5 – Husband needs socks. Disturbs the laundry mountain. I had a system going with those clothes!

Day 6 – More attempts at sorting = more items added to the pile in the destination room. In fact, I am just breaking the mountain into smaller hills somewhere else!

And so on it goes. I have tried a few ideas like folding as I take them off the line, putting them in “person” pile in the basket, taking the basket upstairs straightaway etc but I am yet to find a good long term solution.

Clearly, I need the putting away fairy. Failing that, some practical tips on tackling this would be very handy. So I turned to wiser, more organised parents for advice. Surely I can’t be the only one who’s experienced laundrygate?! Well, here’s what they had to say:

Laundry Hacks (tips as I prefer to call them)

Hacks for putting away laundry

I get my husband to do it! I hate this job ~The Littlest Darlings

I put a few bits away every time I go upstairs. If I try to do it in one go, I get stopped halfway through by the twins. So I put it all upstairs and then every time I go up to the bathroom or upstairs to get something, I get a few bits and put them away. If you stick to it and make sure you put a few bits away each time, the pile eventually disappears. I also try to do small loads and get everything put away before I do another load – keeps the pile smaller. ~ Becca Blogs It Out

If I’m doing bedsheets I put a set of duvet, sheets and pillow cases inside a pillowcase per bed so ready to grab when needed. ~Mummy’s Space

I’ve massively cut down on the laundry I was doing. My husband and my son both just put their clothes in the wash every time they tidy up, as they are top lazy to put them away. So I actually check washing before it goes in the machine and sometimes I halve what’s actually going in the machine from the laundry bin. Jeans and jumpers don’t need to be washed after just one or two wears (in my opinion), unless they are actually dirty obviously. I just hang or fold them up right away and no-one has ever noticed or asked me why something isn’t washed, they get it out and wear it again and I’ve saved myself a load of time and energy washing, drying, sorting, ironing etc. ~ Hitchins’ Kitchen

I drag it all into the lounge, make my hubby take the kids out and put something I want to watch on tv and fold it all. Then when they get back I pretend it took me the entire time and make them all take their own piles back to their room and put them away! ~Pink Pear Bear

I have two plastic tubs one I put the girls clothes in as I take it out/off the line, and other for hubby and I. At least then when I leave it in the playroom and b throws it everywhere it’s not all the clothes. I just need to get better and putting the tubs of clothes away, and taking them upstairs!  We also have a rail in the utility room so tshirt sand things that hang in the wardrobe just get hung up straight away to dry – then just carry them up on the coat hangers straight into the wardrobes. ~ New Mummy Blog

We have 7 of us here, so we each have a different coloured laundry bag. In theory the days washing gets folded in the bag. Idea is each person takes their bag up and puts it away each evening….. of course that doesn’t happen! Lol kinda organised tho! ~The Mad Madden’s

I quite like the storage bag ideas. It’ll probably become a second wardrobe but at least the bed will be tidy. Once the kids are older, they can take their bag and sort at their leisure or am I dreaming? I’m saving the “get the husband to do it” idea as a backup though.

Are you already a pro at this? If so, have you got different tips to share? If not, are you going to try any of these?

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7 thoughts on “Hacks for putting away the laundry – the stage I dread most!

  1. I used to work in a nursing home where we had masses of laundry. We used a double decker kitchen trolley to sort the laundry into individual piles then if we had a few minutes we could take one pile and put it away.

  2. Urgh! I hate putting away the laundry!! I’ve heard of the bedding into the pillowcase tip but I can’t do it properly, I think because I don’t iron it doesn’t go into a nice flat shape. Love the individual bag idea though, might steal that one for when my baby is a bit older, can’t expect him to put them away just yet unfortunately 😃

  3. I was chuckling so much reading this! I’m exactly the same and also have a husband who rummages in my neatly folded piles for his things. He gets moaned at when he gets the nicely ‘washing line ironed’ clothes all screwed up!

    I detest ironing so I don’t do it unless the garment really needs it. I’m a big fan of washing line ironing and letting creases drop out by wearing things! Husband irons his own shirts.

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