Meal Plan, Shopping List and Lots of Pancakes – Week 6

We’ve just got back from holiday where I ate a lot more than I should have, especially pudding. It would have been rude not to as we were surrounded by such goooood food. We took it in turns to cook every night (it was a group holiday) and amazingly each dish came from a different country.

It’s Pancake Day next week! I don’t need an excuse to eat pancakes but we love marking the occasion by hosting a few friends and eating as many as I can make. That’s how I stumbled across my favourite – banana and bacon. So what else is on the menu this week?

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Shopping list to go with the weekly menu from The Growing Mum

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What Drives Our Meal Plan?

We chose the baby-led weaning route which means our meals have to be toddler-friendly. We also send him to nursery with lunch and snacks which requires a great deal of organisation. For now, I am happy to put in the effort but at some point I have to decide between expending time or money.

What are you cooking this week? If you are looking for inspiration, check out my previous Meal Plans. You can also find other awesome meals plan over at Katykicker and The Organised Life Project.

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9 thoughts on “Meal Plan, Shopping List and Lots of Pancakes – Week 6

  1. Oh I really fancy chicken hotpot too! We had pancakes but my children don’t like them (spoilsports) so we had them once the boys had gone to bed.

    I’d love to know how you do your tables – is it a plug in?

    1. Awwww at least you still got to have pancakes. Yes it’s a plug in – TablePress. The long list was bugging me. Still need to play around with the styling hehe

  2. I absolutely love your meal plans. They are so informative and you’re so organised! Thanks for linking up. I pretty much just ate pancakes the first three days of this week!

  3. I think I might just outright copy this, it seems like everything we like and so little effort when you’ve done the shopping list for me!

    Thank you for linking up to #RVHT, sorry about the unexpected break, I’ve had (still have) tonsilitis, but the linky will be back tonight!

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