Hopes, Goals and Plans for the New Year

There’s something about the limbo period between Christmas and New Year that gets people in the reflective mood. What have you done with your life? You can’t even recall what day of the week it is let alone what you did in January! So we start thinking about the upcoming year and changes we’d like to make. I’m no different! However, as the word ‘resolution’ is becoming synonymous with ‘unrealistic after January’, I’ve gone for Hopes, Goals and Plans for the New Year. Catchy!


I have written down quite a few of these. Don’t worry I won’t list them all. They are mostly along the lines getting more organised like better scheduling and planning of meals, household chores, social media posts, blog posts, me time etc.

However, I quickly realised that one of my main obstacles is failure to use my time wisely. I’m not talking about planning my life rigidly, though this works for some, but knowing when I’m at my best to carry out a certain task. My mantra for the year is:

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

I’m hoping that with this at the back of mind, I might just pause scrolling through my newsfeed and read the Bible for a few minutes, take out tomorrow’s dinner from the freezer, or whip up a quick graphic for a last-minute event.

Husband is also charged with reminding me of this when I stray and I promise not to bite his head off! Well not all of it.


These are events I’m looking forward to where arrangements have already been made in advance or are positively in the pipeline. Among them are:

A “just before summer” holiday in Europe! We’ll be driving with a very small baby so that’ll be interesting to say the least.

Visit from family I haven’t seen in years as they’re in a different continent! I can’t wait and I’ll probably regress to my childhood ways so there’ll be 3 babies in the house instead of 2.


In life, there are events or situations where we cannot possibly prevent the outcome by our actions alone. That’s where hope comes in and lots of prayer. I do have a few of these but this one is up there:
Safe delivery and quick recovery so I can run around after 2 kids under 2! Eeek!

Thinking about it, my hopes aren’t the only thing I have no control over. I can only do so much goal setting and planning so prayer will be involved in everything!

Tracking Progress

Setting goals is important but so is the reason behind the goal otherwise there may be very little to keep you going when it gets tough. I’ve already started working on mine so I’m either really motivated or keen! And there’s nothing magical about January 1st right?

Regular checkpoints can also be really helpful (I’m not talking about those pointless meetings at work haha). It’s a way to track your progress and maybe scale your expectations so if things aren’t going too well. Some do this mentally, using a checklist, setting up a regular reminder, joining a group of like-minded people or buddying up with someone who spurs you on. My current accountability buddy is my husband – it’s an experiment but hopefully we’ll still be married afterwards!

I won’t beat myself up too much if I don’t achieve most of my goals as long as I’ve grown in some way as a Christian, Wife, Mother and Human Being.

Have you thought about goals and plans for next year? If so, how do you intend to stay motivated?

Hopes, goals and plans for 2018 and how to achieve them
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46 thoughts on “Hopes, Goals and Plans for the New Year

  1. My biggest obstacle is managing time. It just seems to fly by doesn’t it. I really want to put more structure to my life, meaning I find time to go to a fitness class, find work, manage my blog and spend quality time with my daughter. I think I need to make a plan list!

    1. Lists are definitely the way to go. I’ve just bunged a few blog ideas in a Google calendar so far and it feels so good.

    1. I love dairies and planners but I always lose enthusiasm after a few months so they sit there looking pretty and dusty hahaha. Doesn’t stop me buying them though and this year I’m going down the notebook route

  2. Time management has never been a problem for me when I have set goals but of late its the lack of motivation that seems to be throwing me off. I too don’t set resolutions only monthly goals. Good luck with your plans for the New Year

    1. Monthly goals sounds like a very good idea. Hope you get sorted on the motivation front this year and maybe focus on things that bring you more joy 🙂

  3. I haven’t written my goals down yet, I tend to plod along, but do need a focus and a plan. I co-run a networking group called lemur linkup at Lemur Landings one Monday a month and our first chat is about goal setting, would love it if you came along 🙂

  4. We find working on goals and planning for the next year is so important, as we tend to forget what we wanted to achieve otherwise

  5. I think the start of the year is a good time of year to think about what I want to achieve over the year. We drove across Europe with two young children last year and it was amazing! Have a wonderful time.

  6. I really like that quote about time. I often get stressed that I don’t have enough time for things and then I end up being so anxious that I procrastinate rather than just getting things done. Knowing there is time for everything, working at a steady pace and being organised would be a lot more helpful .

  7. Best of luck for the year ahead! I love being organised. I’m going to be running a weekly linky (Katykicker) on a Friday if you fancy joining in – it will be for meal planning! x

  8. I really hope everything foes well for you this year and breaking down goals is something I find helps you achieve them better. I’ve got quite a lot planned for this year that I’ve had to write 2 seperate plans!

  9. I am really bad with plans because life always comes up with a different surprise!! But even the smallest of plans i make my husband is my accountability buddy!

    1. Surprises keep us on our toes don’t they?! I’m never rigid with my plans – like today I’ve not bothered sticking with the scheduled lunch hahaha.

  10. I’m definitely going with goals and plans instead of resolutions, I feel like as soon as the word resolution is thrown out it’s like a race against time till I fail them all. I definitely need to focus more on managing my time better too, good luck with your goals and hopes

  11. My main goal is to learn to be at peace with where I am. As you get older (just to offer a contrary view), you realise that life goes so fast, enjoying the day and not getting hung up on plans is just as valid as having an intricately plotted life plan.

    1. I guess it depends on the phase of life you’re in. Now that I have a child, I wouldn’t cope with no plans. I try to make them as flexible as possible otherwise you’re right, you’ll just get hung up on the detail and lose the biggest picture 🙂

  12. I love this. Much more positive than lofty, impossible resolutions. My main goal is to complete a project I’ve been working on for the last year and actually get it ‘out there’!

  13. I’m so bad at time management and planning. I think my time management is probably poor because I never plan! I have started setting myself monthly goals and I intend to carry it on through 2018.

    Thank you for linking up with #RVHT

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