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Students from a nearby Bible College had an outreach weekend in our town, using our Church as a base. As their host, the Church hour involved too but as usual, I had a pretty good excuse for not getting involved (newborn + toddler under 2 = overwhelming tiredness). On the last day, they shared their mission experiences after a worship session. We sang about Jesus our Saviour, God the giver of life and all the earth singing his praise. Here are some of the songs that were on the playlist:

God the Uncreated One
This I Believe
This is Amazing Grace
Great Are You Lord

Although  God of Justice was not part of the song list, this line was churning away in my heart.

Keep us from just singing, move us into action

The song may be more about the compassion for the less fortunate but the call to action in the lyrics is loud and clear.  It is not sufficient to just sing. We also need to fulfil his command:

Mark 16v15 Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation

The verse about serving God in our youth is also very poignant here. I want to serve Him while I still can, while I still have the strength – despite the excuses.

The main point I took away from that Sunday is that there is no use hiding behind worship. Praising God for his about faithfulness, love, grace is great but I should manifest these attributes by making more of an effort to share them with others. I need to practice what I sing!

P.S My only minor gripe with the song is the ending. It’s a bit repetitive and perhaps unnecessary as we’ve already been called to go out!

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3 thoughts on “God of Justice (We Must Go) – Music Musings

  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Your words reminded me of another favorite Bible passage, James 1:22-25. Music is so good for moving and inspiring us in the moment, but it’s harder to hang to those feelings when the songs fade. Your reflections have blessed me today!

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