Father’s day last minute Yoda card craft & present

I love a good craft project though what I lack in skill, I make up for in enthusiasm! My kids now give me the perfect excuse to indulge in various “holiday” crafts. Father’s day is no different. Yes, I know it’s made up. Yes, daddies should be celebrated all year round not just on one day. However, I’m not feeling it this year.

Last year I, I mean we, made a card and got cute family photo magnets. I love looking at those on fridge. The good news is that I decided to make a card this year. But it’s the day before Father’s Day (a Saturday) and my husband is usually home or we are out together. Thankfully he took a nap/shut his eyes during the toddler’s nap time and the newborn was also asleep. I got to work researching a card! I needed it to have one good element to it as I haven’t got a gift this year. Well I have a gift of sorts. It’s lie-in. Just need to figure out how to wrap that up in the next few hours! Now back to the last minute card.

I wanted something that said ‘Daddy’. Dad sounds too formal for 2 kids under 2. After very quick research, I settled on a pop up geeky card. Then I found this Yoda beauty. I usually prefer written instructions but this one was quite hard to follow. Thankfully it has a very helpful “how-to” video too.

Yoda card craft for fathers day

The Beginning

These are most of the materials needed for the craft – card, appropriately coloured paper, scissors, glue, black pen and some cutting skills. I am surprised I managed to find them so easily as we are in the middle of “tidying” the house. I was hoping to find some paint for some hand/foot prints but no luck as at yet.

Materials for father's day card craft - pop up yoda card


The Middle

The card well and truly underway. Cutting has been too bad so far. Yoda’s face and ears coming along nicely – just need to cut out the rest of him. The card insert is ready to have him stuck glued to the middle.

Father's day card craft - pop up yoda card for a geeky daddy

The End (Almost)

Here’s Yoda ready to take pride of place. A little proud of this I am! Especially as the glue I had was no longer usable so I had to use double-sided tape which was fiddly.

Yoda pop up cut out for fathers day card craft

I then ruined it by hand-writing the Yoda message instead of printing it. However, as it’s from the kids it doesn’t have to be perfect or so I keep telling myself!

Yoda pop writing for fathers day card craft

For the front of the card, I wrote “Happy Father’s Day” rather badly then added toddler’s handprint and newborn’s footprint. My original plan was to have one handprint in the other but footprints are so much easier than uncurling a baby’s hand.

Are you indulging in any craft for Father’s Day? Would be lovely to hear other ideas so I can be better prepared next year haha!

P.S Here’s what the toddler brought back home from Nursery.

Father's day card from nursery 2018

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12 thoughts on “Father’s day last minute Yoda card craft & present

    1. He loved opening it this morning and said it’s the best card he’s got so far!!! That’s the bar set for the kids 😂

  1. This is absolutely adorable!! Pinning this to the MMBH Pinterest Board!! I need to remember this for next year. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing with us!!

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