Board Game Night Returns (after the kids are in bed)

Yellow and red meeples on wedding rings for board game night

Playing (and buying) board games was one of our things back in the day when we had no dependants. We played together, with friends, with strangers (hello online Dominion) and, on rare occasions, solo. Then Meeple E came along and brought sleep deprivation with them. This wiped us out completely in the evenings!

We tried hosting game nights at ours but the noise level got a bit too much for our light sleeper! Side note: maybe there’s a market for silent multi-player games where speaking leads to minus points! Anyways, rather than ask our guests to shut up, we proposed a venue change only one of us could make it (someone has to be vaguely near the kids).

Crazily, we added Meeple J to the clan (we had 2 under 2 for a few months!) so life got a tad hectic for a while. Including a family chickenpox incident. As both kids are not slightly older and sleeping SLIGHTLY better, we decided to dust off the games in the overflowing games cupboard and play them regularly. Board Game Night was resurrected! Though just for us as, so perhaps it’s a Date Night too.

Board Game Night Details

Each month (roughly), we’ll pick a game to play multiple times, perhaps once a week. We’ll document our impression of the game plays and hopefully write a full review too. We haven’t decided on the choosing criteria yet but we know what the first Game of the month will be!

Why Are We Doing This?

Firstly it’s to spend more productive time together. It’s becoming too easy to spend the evening slumped on the sofa watching a TV show which we then find disappointing. Don’t get us wrong, we looove watching shows together but we’re going to watch ones we actually enjoy and use the freed up time to do other activities!

Secondly, we really enjoy playing games which is why we’ve got so many. It’s competitive*, fun and often analytical. Just our kind of thing.

*Vicky here: I don’t like collaborative/cooperative games but I’m willing to endure it for games night!

Thirdly, it’s a shame to have them sat in a cupboard unloved. Also we’re looking forward to the memories it’ll bring back when we play the good oldies. Vicky hasn’t played many of the newer games so we’ll also be making new memories. Assuming she stays awake during the explanation.

Have you got a favourite board game to play as a couple, with friends or solo?

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6 thoughts on “Board Game Night Returns (after the kids are in bed)

  1. I love that you make the time for this! We love a good games night too but it is something I worry we’ll lose when we have a family. Thank you for the vote of confidence that we can keep it up even when sleep is at a premium!

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