Bambooty – our perfect cloth nappies for nursery

3 bambooty cloth nappies with kids animal blocks arranged as a flatlay
Bambooty perfect cloth nappies

We had decided to use cloth nappies from the onset with our first baby. After 9 months, you could say we’d nailed it. But only at home and with family doing the changes. Being the first to use cloth nappies at the nursery, I wanted to make things as easy as possible. However, finding the perfect cloth nappies for nursery was a mini-journey but after a few false starts we found the right ones: Bambooty Easy Dry nappies. So what’s the big deal about them?

One row of poppers

They are as close to velcro as you can get but with poppers. With the one row of poppers, it is very easy and straightforward to do up even if you’ve never come across them before (I did once forget to show a friend how to fit the nappy when they looked after the toddler).

Bambooty Easy Dry One Row of Poppers

Easy to fit

As well as only having one row of poppers, Easy Dry comes in different sizes so you just get the right size for you child and that’s it. Unfortunately, this does mean you have to buy a whole set again in the next size but there is a very healthy preloved market for cloth nappies or you could save them Baby 2, 3, 4…. The “putting on” procedure is the same as with cloth nappies (I will go into fit detail in another post).

Bambooty fit easy dry

Flexible absorbency

After fitting, this is probably the next most important factor in a nappy. You don’t want leaks after an hour especially at nursery so good absorbency is key. Easy Dry has 2 sewn in flaps made from bamboo and cotton (with a microfibre stay dry layer to keep bums dry). There is sufficient space to add a booster for additional absorbency which we need as toddler wees a lot. I tend to fold one of the flaps at the front for even more absorbency as that’s where his wee first hits the nappy.

Bambooty Easy Dry - 2 flaps


I’ve had my fair share of poo outside the nappy (think 8 days’ worth in one go).  I was worried that nursery might change their mind or demand different nappies if solids weren’t contained. But Easy Dry have a double gusset that keeps all the mess in. Even horrific teething poos!  I don’t envy the nursery workers at this stage!

So far we’ve had no major fit issues with nursery. With our previous nappies, he would sometimes come back with the nappy on backwards (don’t ask) so I’m glad they’ve gotten the hang of this one rather quickly. My main tip would be to get some KAM snaps* for covering some of the poppers only leaving the ones that should be used. This makes the fit even more foolproof than it already is.

Actually we also use Bambooty at home for the above reasons and also because we love that they are slim and easy to use (as easy as straight from the airer and onto the bum). I just wish they had size XL in Easy Dry. It currently stops at Large. I’ve been advised to try XL night or move over to their Options range. XL Night seem a tad bulky for regular daytime use (we use it at nap time) so we are trying out the Options and One-size nappies in a view to move on to them. Unless Toddler E magically decides to reliably wee in the potty in the next few months!

*They come in different sizes and I think I got Size 20 but send me a quick message or leave a comment if interested and I will double-check.

Single-use plastic is definitely in the spotlight with the recent plastic pollution awareness so do you use cloth nappies at nursery? If not, would you consider it?

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4 thoughts on “Bambooty – our perfect cloth nappies for nursery

  1. I wish I’d have given cloth a go when my girls were younger, we are so more aware of the environment these days. Hats off to you for doing your bit! I’m glad they don’t leak too!

    1. Thank you. It’s good that there are so many ways to make a difference nowadays. My next thing is replacing cling film – not sure I’m ready though!

  2. I’ve never even thoughts about the issues of sending your little one to nursery when they have real nappies and the team there knowing what to do. I did try with my twins, but gave up after a while as I couldn’t keep up with the washing. Mich x

    1. Completely understandable. Not sure how I would have coped with 2 at the same time when starting out. I’ve got 2 in nappies now but with experience sobjust reaching for the simplest ones now. The laundry mess is real with a milky baby too.

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