Baby J’s Due Date – May the Fourth Be With You

Baby J’s due date at the 12 week scan was 04 May, which to us, was just a date. It wasn’t until we got a few bemused, almost doubting responses, that we tweaked the significance. Not sure how my husband, who really loves Star Wars, managed to miss it! He can’t even blame the hormones haha. I quickly put together the below to share the news with the remaining friends and family. Could have done so much more if we’d realised sooner.

And before we knew it, baby’s due date had come round. What better way to mark it than to dress my babies up in star wars vests and nappy (one could do with ironing but who has time for that?) Daddy also got involved too. No, he didn’t wear a vest!

It was also a big day for toddler E as he had his first hair cut and looked really grown up. Sadly, he also started chicken pox after months of scaremongering by the nursery. Thank God it waited until baby arrived. As I’m not immune, it would have been quite risky whilst pregnant. We’re now waiting out the next 3 weeks as symptoms maybe appear within this time frame!

The chicken pox appearance put a slight damper on the day but they still got to dress up and I made several attempts at taking photos with a crying baby, a wriggling, kissy toddler and a Daddy struggling to keep both under control haha.

As for the first days of new mummyhood, well I’m slowly getting accustomed to the lack of sleep, repeated pattern of eat, poo, sleep and joys of breastfeeding. May the Fourth be with you.

P. S. In case you are wondering, J does not stand for Jedi though that would be a pretty cool name.

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